Getting Ready for an Erotic Massage

Prepare for an Erotic Gay Nude Male Massage, San Diego, CAMake sure to get thor­ough­ly cleaned up for your erot­ic mas­sage ses­sion. A sen­su­al mas­sage usu­al­ly means the therapist’s hands are not going to be lim­it­ed unless you let them know ahead of time where NOT to go. If you are on the go and the mas­sage ther­a­pists accom­mo­da­tions includes the use of a show­er. It is a safe bet you can ready your­self there before the ses­sion and a show­er after is a giv­en if you do not opt to leave the lotion on. If a ther­a­pist offers the show­er facil­i­ties there is a good chance they will have some gen­er­al hygiene prod­ucts at your dis­pos­al like; douch­es, deodor­ants, tooth­brush­es, floss, mouth­wash, ect.

Here is a checklist for cleaning;

  1. Douche: If you’re expect­ing to get a prostate mas­sage or open to the idea but, not sure what to expect. Do the safe thing “be ready”.
  2. Show­er: Don’t for­get to wash inside your anus sphinc­ters and inner glu­teus max­imus cheeks, tant, balls and penis or vagi­na and pubic region. Not all but a few males also secrete there pheromones in there anal and tant region. If you’re the type who is on the pun­gent side, there is no rule say­ing you can’t use your deodor­ant there too.
  3. Toes: Make sure to clean in-between your toes and clip your toe­nails if you’re get­ting a foot mas­sage or not sure. The ther­a­pist is basi­cal­ly pro­grammed to san­i­tize after your foot mas­sage.
  4. Breath: Brush your teeth and tongue just in case your mas­sage ther­a­pist is will­ing to kiss you.
  5. Fin­gers: If you’re a male and mutu­al touch is per­mit­ted then clip your fin­ger­nails so you don’t scratch your ther­a­pist in any sen­si­tive spots. Girls please be care­ful if you’re sport­ing those non-beveled claws.
  6. Ears: One of the biggest sen­su­al but­tons is your ears. Depend­ing on how oral your ther­a­pist is, your ears my get some seri­ous atten­tion.
  7. Arm Pits: If your body odor is on the pun­gent side, it is advis­able to wear your deodor­ant. Deodor­ant doesn’t inter­fere with most oils and creams.

Some ther­a­pists will incor­po­rate a hot tow­el rou­tine to start. This is usu­al­ly a very enjoy­able expe­ri­ence. It is a way to get you relaxed very fast as well as insur­ing you have a clean back­side. Yes your get­ting your butt wiped. (lol) Don’t be embar­rass the clean ther­a­pists just doesn’t like that kind of sur­prise and very use to the idea that some guys just aren’t that thor­ough.

If you have the flu or cold don’t call a mas­sage ther­a­pist. A mas­sage will most like­ly make you feel worse. Your body is all ready using all its reserve nutri­ents and ener­gy for your immune sys­tem to com­bat your ill­ness. Purg­ing your sys­tem of bro­ken free fat, tis­sue and tox­ins would add more strain already tak­ing place in your body. Mas­sage ther­a­pist can­not make mon­ey if they are out sick. Before mak­ing their clients sick a mas­sage ther­a­pist will just not take clients.