Getting Ready for an Erotic Massage

Prepare for an Erotic Gay Nude Male Massage, San Diego, CAMake sure to get thoroughly cleaned up for your erotic massage session. A sensual massage usually means the therapist’s hands are not going to be limited unless you let them know ahead of time where NOT to go. If you are on the go and the massage therapists accommodations includes the use of a shower. It is a safe bet you can ready yourself there before the session and a shower after is a given if you do not opt to leave the lotion on. If a therapist offers the shower facilities there is a good chance they will have some general hygiene products at your disposal like; douches, deodorants, toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, ect.

Here is a checklist for cleaning;

  1. Douche: If you’re expecting to get a prostate massage or open to the idea but, not sure what to expect. Do the safe thing “be ready”.
  2. Shower: Don’t forget to wash inside your anus sphincters and inner gluteus maximus cheeks, tant, balls and penis or vagina and pubic region. Not all but a few males also secrete there pheromones in there anal and tant region. If you’re the type who is on the pungent side, there is no rule saying you can’t use your deodorant there too.
  3. Toes: Make sure to clean in-between your toes and clip your toenails if you’re getting a foot massage or not sure. The therapist is basically programmed to sanitize after your foot massage.
  4. Breath: Brush your teeth and tongue just in case your massage therapist is willing to kiss you.
  5. Fingers: If you’re a male and mutual touch is permitted then clip your fingernails so you don’t scratch your therapist in any sensitive spots. Girls please be careful if you’re sporting those non-beveled claws.
  6. Ears: One of the biggest sensual buttons is your ears. Depending on how oral your therapist is, your ears my get some serious attention.
  7. Arm Pits: If your body odor is on the pungent side, it is advisable to wear your deodorant. Deodorant doesn’t interfere with most oils and creams.

Some therapists will incorporate a hot towel routine to start. This is usually a very enjoyable experience. It is a way to get you relaxed very fast as well as insuring you have a clean backside. Yes your getting your butt wiped. (lol) Don’t be embarrass the clean therapists just doesn’t like that kind of surprise and very use to the idea that some guys just aren’t that thorough.

If you have the flu or cold don’t call a massage therapist. A massage will most likely make you feel worse. Your body is all ready using all its reserve nutrients and energy for your immune system to combat your illness. Purging your system of broken free fat, tissue and toxins would add more strain already taking place in your body. Massage therapist cannot make money if they are out sick. Before making their clients sick a massage therapist will just not take clients.