Services & Rates (i)

~Erotic Swedish (i)

In-call (?)
60min ~ $120
90min ~ $150
Out-call (?)
60min ~ $150
90min ~ $180

 ~Clinical Swedish (i)

In-call (?)
60min ~ $80
90min ~ $120
Out-call (?)
60min ~ $110
90min ~ $150

Information (i)

  • Hours Of Operations:10am to 10pm (i)
  • Location: Clairemont Area (i)
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Policies (i)

  • No blocked numbers (i)
  • Schedule via phone only (i)
  • I protect your privacy (i)
  • Rates Are Non-Negotiable (i)
  • No Show. No Re-Schedule (i)
  • Cash preferred / Credit Cards Accepted(i)
  • Acquiring a Companion USA Etiquette (i)

Acquiring an Escort: U.S. Monetary Etiquette

M4M Escort San Diego, CA

  • 1. Masseur / Com­pan­ions don’t sell sex for Estab­lished Legal Cur­ren­cies.
  • 2. First things first. Know your ser­vice providers base rates before you meet. These are not nego­tiable lat­er to avoid talk­ing cur­ren­cy. Addi­tions require code terms.
  • 3. When refer­ring to com­pen­sa­tion. Use code terms. Ros­es, Dona­tion, Trib­ute.
  • 4. All done? Did they blow your mind? Tips are encour­aged but nev­er required. The aver­age is 20 trib­utes.

YOUR MINDSET SHOULD BE: Masseurs / Com­pan­ions only charge for their time. What you and your Masseur / Com­pan­ion do as con­sent­ing adults should only be dis­cussed in the con­text of inti­ma­cy, and NEVER as a finan­cial trans­ac­tion until you know each oth­er bet­ter. This is out of respect for your­self, the Masseur / Com­pan­ion.

Why? Let’s be clear and hon­est. To loop­hole through back­ward U.S. laws pur­pose­ly writ­ten to include vic­tim-less sit­u­a­tions. Brought to us under the pre­tense to pro­tect under age minors and human traf­fick­ing. Witch human rites advo­cates like you aver­age pros­ti­tute agree with com­plete­ly. How­ev­er we did not agree to the broad scop­ing terms delib­er­ate­ly and method­i­cal­ly used by cor­po­rate leg­is­la­tors like ALEC work­ing for the pri­vate prison indus­try. Cre­at­ing vic­tims of hon­est work­ing com­pan­ions.

When meet­ing your Com­pan­ion for the first time. Beyond the point of touch­ing one anoth­er 😉 gen­i­tals is the point beyond where a ploy of entrap­ment can go. Beyond this point the case can get thrown out of court and you can start sex­u­al abuse charges against the offi­cer who or team who tried to entrap you. After this point the ice bro­ken and you should feel safe enough to drop the pre­tense. But if your not by all means keep obscur­ing what is said.

It should also be said that the like­li­hood of any police force out to entrap gay pros­ti­tu­tion is RARE. Why because luck­i­ly for the Gay Escort com­mu­ni­ty. The police force is enam­ored with misog­y­nist homo­phobes. How­ev­er misog­y­ny and anti-human­is­tic dog­ma views infect women. Het­ero­sex­u­al vise are com­mon. The vise agent could be ether com­pan­ion or client, female or male.

THE BEST TIME TO dis­cus­es fantasy’s is before you even meet via email. If the Com­pan­ion enter­tains your fan­ta­sy they will respond to the ini­ti­at­ed plot. Peo­ple are com­pli­cat­ed and so are their men­tal sat­is­fac­tions. One may like humil­i­a­tion but not sex. Most escorts may make this mis­take. So be detailed about what gives you men­tal plea­sure. Espe­cial­ly if it is not then norm or you haven’t found any­one to hit the nail on the head. The best way to do this is describe your ide­al encounter. If it is not their spe­cial­ty they will not enter­tain the sub­ject and ether refer you to some­one else or gen­tly decline an engage­ment. Try to men­tion your kind of freak in the first email to save time. Know your freak. Here is a cute lit­tle sex web dic­tio­nary; no sex­u­al­ly active per­son today should be with­out. Urban Dic­tio­nary

Giv­en that cell phones and tablets are poten­tial audio and visu­al record­ing devices. Expect that your devices may be required to be put away. If this is your companion’s pref­er­ence. They will pro­vide that place for you if they are host­ing. If it’s an out call. They may request you put yours in the bath­room or wrap it up in your clothes in a draw­er. But this goes both ways. You can request the same with­out any reser­va­tion.

Exam­ples of what is accept­able talk dur­ing an ini­tial com­pan­ion ses­sion:

I was hop­ing for a hap­py end. Is 50 ros­es ok?”

What kind of dona­tion is advis­able to get topped”

Under­stand that these nego­ti­a­tions do not ever refer to the ini­tial under­stood rate. This rate is non-nego­tiable because it would refer to an already estab­lished legal cur­ren­cy com­pen­sa­tion for time. Let’s not mix the two. Do your own math. ;D

Exam­ples of what is NEVER accept­able:

Can I make love to you for $100 dol­lars more”?

What could I get for this” *show of cash*?


Getting Ready for an Erotic Massage

Prepare for an Erotic Gay Nude Male Massage, San Diego, CAMake sure to get thor­ough­ly cleaned up for your erot­ic mas­sage ses­sion. A sen­su­al mas­sage usu­al­ly means the therapist’s hands are not going to be lim­it­ed unless you let them know ahead of time where NOT to go. If you are on the go and the mas­sage ther­a­pists accom­mo­da­tions includes the use of a show­er. It is a safe bet you can ready your­self there before the ses­sion and a show­er after is a giv­en if you do not opt to leave the lotion on. If a ther­a­pist offers the show­er facil­i­ties there is a good chance they will have some gen­er­al hygiene prod­ucts at your dis­pos­al like; douch­es, deodor­ants, tooth­brush­es, floss, mouth­wash, ect.

Here is a checklist for cleaning;

  1. Douche: If you’re expect­ing to get a prostate mas­sage or open to the idea but, not sure what to expect. Do the safe thing “be ready”.
  2. Show­er: Don’t for­get to wash inside your anus sphinc­ters and inner glu­teus max­imus cheeks, tant, balls and penis or vagi­na and pubic region. Not all but a few males also secrete there pheromones in there anal and tant region. If you’re the type who is on the pun­gent side, there is no rule say­ing you can’t use your deodor­ant there too.
  3. Toes: Make sure to clean in-between your toes and clip your toe­nails if you’re get­ting a foot mas­sage or not sure. The ther­a­pist is basi­cal­ly pro­grammed to san­i­tize after your foot mas­sage.
  4. Breath: Brush your teeth and tongue just in case your mas­sage ther­a­pist is will­ing to kiss you.
  5. Fin­gers: If you’re a male and mutu­al touch is per­mit­ted then clip your fin­ger­nails so you don’t scratch your ther­a­pist in any sen­si­tive spots. Girls please be care­ful if you’re sport­ing those non-beveled claws.
  6. Ears: One of the biggest sen­su­al but­tons is your ears. Depend­ing on how oral your ther­a­pist is, your ears my get some seri­ous atten­tion.
  7. Arm Pits: If your body odor is on the pun­gent side, it is advis­able to wear your deodor­ant. Deodor­ant doesn’t inter­fere with most oils and creams.

Some ther­a­pists will incor­po­rate a hot tow­el rou­tine to start. This is usu­al­ly a very enjoy­able expe­ri­ence. It is a way to get you relaxed very fast as well as insur­ing you have a clean back­side. Yes your get­ting your butt wiped. (lol) Don’t be embar­rass the clean ther­a­pists just doesn’t like that kind of sur­prise and very use to the idea that some guys just aren’t that thor­ough.

If you have the flu or cold don’t call a mas­sage ther­a­pist. A mas­sage will most like­ly make you feel worse. Your body is all ready using all its reserve nutri­ents and ener­gy for your immune sys­tem to com­bat your ill­ness. Purg­ing your sys­tem of bro­ken free fat, tis­sue and tox­ins would add more strain already tak­ing place in your body. Mas­sage ther­a­pist can­not make mon­ey if they are out sick. Before mak­ing their clients sick a mas­sage ther­a­pist will just not take clients.


Benefits of Going to a Gay Massage Therapist

M4M Nude Erotic Massage San Diego, CAThe rep­u­ta­tion of a gay mas­sage ther­a­pist
is very dif­fer­ent than it was just a few years ago. With the new­found accep­tance of the gay com­mu­ni­ty increas­ing every day, many peo­ple are com­ing to the real­iza­tion that these pro­fes­sion­als are capa­ble of pro­vid­ing a great ser­vice to a great many peo­ple. They give expert ther­a­py to those who are in need of relief from stress, anx­i­ety, sore mus­cles, over­worked joints, and a fraz­zled mind. It is true that a major­i­ty of the clients of a gay masseuse are oth­er gay males, but the num­ber of straight males who are choos­ing to get their rub­downs from these masseurs is increas­ing dra­mat­i­cal­ly, espe­cial­ly in the big­ger cities.

More straight males are find­ing that a gay mas­sage can real­ly pro­vide ser­vices that are ful­fill­ing ther­a­py wise with­out any trace of eroti­cism what­so­ev­er. With the rise of the metro sex­u­al male comes a huge increase in the busi­ness that many of these pro­fes­sion­als are get­ting. A metro sex­u­al male is described as a straight man who real­ly grooms him­self very well, most often way more than the aver­age male would by get­ting man­i­cures and pedi­cures, for exam­ple. These guys are as straight as they come, but are find­ing that the ben­e­fits of many ser­vices are well worth the time and mon­ey. Part of the group of ser­vices that fit right in with the metro sex­u­al is a ses­sion with a male masseur. The most com­mon rea­son that is giv­en as to why straight men would see this type of pro­fes­sion­al as opposed to a female was sim­ple: because men have stronger hands and can dig into those knots and sore mus­cles much deep­er and bet­ter than a woman’s more petite hands can.

The ser­vices from a gay masseur are just as emo­tion­al­ly and phys­i­cal­ly sat­is­fy­ing as one from a female for these guys, but in addi­tion to that sat­is­fac­tion is also a sense of cama­raderie that is shared between males. Guys can talk it up with their bud­dies just as well as women can with their girl­friends, and get­ting a rub­down from a gay masseuses offers oppor­tu­ni­ties to relax and unwind with one of the guys. For the guys who are gay, get­ting mas­sage ser­vices is con­sid­ered the ulti­mate expe­ri­ence for them, whether the point of ser­vices is ther­a­peu­tic, emo­tion­al, phys­i­cal, pla­ton­ic, or even if it is sex­u­al.


Gay Male Escort Have a Great Experience

M4M Gay Male Escort, San DiegoThe word Male Escort today means 99% of the time means: A sex­u­al pro­fes­sion­al who knows how to read you and pro­vide you with your sex­u­al needs. Because he does it often he is con­sid­ered a pro. Usu­al­ly he’s good look­ing or charis­mat­ic and makes you feel good when your togeth­er.

You may find your­self on those NSA social sites look­ing through the oth­er men like prod­ucts on a shelf and for some rea­son or anoth­er you want the built good look­ing guy. But then those self defeat­ing issues over­come you. What if he’s a total snob and rejects me. What if he looks good but doesn’t know the first thing about sex. These things just don’t hap­pen with an expe­ri­enced escort.

When look­ing for your escort. Notice the site your on. This is usu­al­ly the first indi­ca­tor of whether your going to be deal­ing with a sex­u­al pro. or a so called “legit escort”. The sec­ond indi­ca­tor is hourly rate. A Sex­u­al Escort will quote 240 dona­tion and up per hr. A non-sex­u­al, event com­pan­ion or guide escort will start between $100 and $130. Pic­tures are also a tell. Ask your­self; is he show­ing off his cock, body or is all the pic­tures of him ful­ly clothed. The best advise I can give when choos­ing between your pre­ferred Sex­u­al Escorts is to. Read his Ad. and pre­sume to read between the lines. Also Read his reviews. Males love their sex­u­al dou­ble speak. You will be able to see the mean­ing between the lines if you are sex­u­al­ly active. Look for fake reviews. It doesn’t hap­pen often, but it’s a pos­si­bil­i­ty. Today most are inter­net savvy and can tell. But if you need a guid­ance on the tells heres a short video.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly in most back­ward soci­eties. Like the USA. Dog­mas have pushed it’s ideals on soci­ety. Most often in spite of our human nature. For exam­ple laws are put forth for one rea­son but always encom­pass many per­fect­ly vic­tim-less cir­cum­stances. Witch real­ly aren’t ille­gal at all. But inten­tion­al­ly laws are not just writ­ten for only the vic­tims. Take pros­ti­tu­tion for exam­ple. Under the guise of pro­tect­ing under age minors from abu­sive pedophil­ia or slav­ery. Witch I am all for BTW. Laws are writ­ten with broad encom­pass­ing terms to ensure it could mean as many sit­u­a­tions as pos­si­ble. Why? To keep those uncon­sti­tu­tion­al, ille­gal pri­vate pris­ons full. This process itself should be ille­gal. Why? Because it does cre­ate vic­tims of these police state laws. The point being, what­ev­er state you are in, in the USA. Just don’t equate any type of estab­lished cur­ren­cy to a sex­u­al act. Code terms like ros­es, dona­tion, trib­ute are just that. One unit of these code terms equals one unit of cur­ren­cy. If you are in the USA it is US Dol­lars and so on. So to be clear 120 ros­es = $120. 😉

Just like the term Con­spir­a­cy The­o­rists once a cred­i­ble term weponized by the CIA is restor­ing itself back to it’s hon­or­able term mean­ing a ana­lyt­i­cal thinker. Giv­en the fact that so many con­spir­a­cies have turned out to be true or clos­est to the truth in recent his­to­ry. The word pros­ti­tu­tion is also regain­ing its real mean­ing unteth­ered to social judg­ment. It is just a con­ve­nience for the busy man or woman that is in line to our nature. The mod­ern male or female if they are not effect­ed by Dog­ma brain­wash­ing is OK with his true human nature.

The act for a man to take cock up the ass and mas­sage his prostates has been proven to be apart of our nature and many oth­er species for that mat­ter. So don’t be sur­prised when it feels so plea­sur­able. Anoth­er lie out there is that this act caus­es prostate can­cer. We now know that con­di­tion lies most­ly with the nitrates and sul­fates in our food (name­ly processed dried meats, and most wines). Our sex­u­al needs do not define us. But we real­izes we have these sex­u­al needs and we address them, as adults should. Not doing so will progress to an unhealthy men­tal state.

In today’s USA we are slav­ing away to stay out of debt or TRY to get ahead. And when you look how locked down and rigged our soci­ety and mon­i­to­ry sys­tem is. From an overview we are real­iz­ing we are all slaves to it. But pros­ti­tu­tion is alive and well for many rea­son I’m not going to go into. But the main one, sup­ply and demand of stress relief, and human touch. It’s nice to know you can find some­one who knows how to make love to you, hold you, and talk in real male terms that val­i­date our true Male Human Nature. Whether we like it hard and rough or slow soft and affec­tion­ate. Good Male Escorts are in demand because they can accom­mo­date a wide spec­trum of needs.

If you are the kind of guy who wants to ease into a sit­u­a­tion. Then I sug­gest a Masseur / Escort. With a Masseur Escort you will most like­ly be giv­en a Mas­sage rate. But if sex is some­thing you want after meet­ing him. Then the escort rate is usu­al­ly dou­ble the 60 minute / hourly rate. If your not sure and want the escort option. Ask him how many more ros­es / dona­tion / trib­ute will is advised. Masseurs usu­al­ly work with rou­tines. When it comes to the time an encounter usu­al­ly hap­pens you may be giv­en the option. Just don’t equate any legal estab­lished cur­ren­cy to a sex­u­al act at least in the USA.

Not all men are cut out to be Escorts. But the ones who are, usu­al­ly are very seduc­tive. So if it is your fan­ta­sy to be a bot­tom. Be ready for such an encounter. Good sex is sex pre­pared for. Bot­toms should clean 30 min before their encounter. Tops should bring pro­tec­tion.

Bare back­ing has become an issue. STD’s are on the rise because of: Prep. How­ev­er you should be very aware Prep does not keep you safe from the Oth­ers. Syphilis, Gon­or­rhea, Chlamy­dia, and Hepati­tis. Although these things can be cured with prompt treat­ment. The symp­toms and absti­nence is a damper of fun for a bit. Best to be safe. Put that rain­coat on or the bot­tom should reach back and grab the base of that cock and con­firm the lip is there. ;D


The Gay Masseur

Gay Nude Tantric Massage, San Diego, CAEven though there are some peo­ple who are uncom­fort­able with receiv­ing a rub­down from a gay mas­sage ther­a­pist, it is easy to under­stand why so many peo­ple are com­plete­ly relaxed with it. In fact, there are plen­ty of men (gay or straight) who pre­fer going to a male masseur, whether the masseur is straight or not. Many men seem to wor­ry that they might become sex­u­al­ly aroused dur­ing a ses­sion that is sup­posed to be phys­i­cal­ly ben­e­fi­cial if they receive one from a woman, and they don t want to deal with an embar­rass­ing unwant­ed erec­tion. It is for this rea­son that many men pre­fer to go to a pro­fes­sion­al fel­low man.
Now, some straight men may be uncom­fort­able going to a gay mas­sage ther­a­pist, but at the same token many gay men may be uncom­fort­able get­ting a mas­sage from a straight masseur. Many gay men turn to the masseurs that are also homo­sex­u­al, but they can be dif­fi­cult to find since many mas­sage par­lors do not want to deter either straight or homo­sex­u­al clients by cater­ing to one or the oth­er.

How­ev­er, the ben­e­fits are worth doing a lit­tle detec­tive work to find a place that they are com­fort­able with. For those who are straight, they can enjoy a rub­down with­out the stress of wor­ry­ing about sex­u­al con­tact. It is thought that when a straight man can get a good mas­sage from anoth­er man it reduces feel­ings of inse­cu­ri­ty and it can also increase self esteem. There seems to be some psy­cho­log­i­cal ben­e­fits to a good phys­i­cal rub­down!

Going to a gay mas­sage ther­a­pist has its ben­e­fits to a gay man too, because the ele­ment or fear of feel­ing ostra­cized or out of place dis­ap­pears. The entire point of a mas­sage is to com­plete­ly relax, but this is very hard to do when you don t feel like you fit in with the rest of the clien­tele at a place or even with the staff, for that mat­ter. Know­ing that you have noth­ing to fear with your spe­cif­ic masseur can real­ly alle­vi­ate anx­i­ety.

It is rec­om­mend­ed that every man, no mat­ter what his sex­u­al ori­en­ta­tion is, be able to expe­ri­ence the sat­is­fac­tion of receiv­ing a ther­a­peu­tic rub­down from a straight or gay mas­sage ther­a­pist in a non judg­men­tal and social­ly pos­i­tive atmos­phere. Whether that means hav­ing a gay or straight man giv­ing the mas­sage, the choice should be up to the client. Thank­ful­ly these days there are many excel­lent resources on the Inter­net for find­ing a masseuse in your area that will be able to cater to any and all of your needs with many dif­fer­ent types of ther­a­pies and tech­niques, whether you choose a straight or a gay mas­sage ther­a­pist.


Difference between a Swedish Massage and a Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish Vs Deep TissuePeo­ple who want to get a mas­sage are often con­fused between the dif­fer­ent forms of mas­sages. They will often ask for a Deep Tis­sue. But what they real­ly mean to ask their ther­a­pist is “I want a Swedish Mas­sage with heavy pres­sure”. How­ev­er when you tell a mas­sage ther­a­pist you want a Deep Tis­sue. You may be in for a sur­prise once your ses­sion starts. Deep can hurt and may make you feel sore days after. That is why the CMT is quick to ask “Are you sure you want a Deep Tis­sue”? Grant­ed some may know the dif­fer­ences, but it has been my expe­ri­ence that most don’t know till they have expe­ri­enced the dif­fer­ence. Even worse, they tend to iden­ti­fy them as the same, when in fact, most mas­sage forms are unique. This is often the case with Swedish and Deep Tis­sue Mas­sages. Both types of mas­sage are regard­ed by some as the same.

The Swedish mas­sage involves five basic prin­ci­ples, which include: Giv­ing long and smooth strokes; gen­tle knead­ing of the mus­cles; apply­ing ther­a­peu­tic fric­tion; tap­ping and pro­vid­ing con­stant vibra­tion. The com­bi­na­tion of these tech­niques ensures max­i­mum cir­cu­la­tion and relax­ation. Giv­ing the Masseur the tools to cus­tomize a ses­sion accord­ing to the needs of the client. It is no won­der why there is a large fol­low­ing of prac­ti­tion­ers and clien­tele. Once the word got around of its unde­ni­able ther­a­peu­tic ben­e­fi­cial results.

The oth­er very pop­u­lar mas­sage type is the deep tis­sue mas­sage. It tar­gets three cen­tral mus­cu­lar regions, name­ly: The neck area, the back, and also the fas­cia (con­nec­tive tis­sues). The mas­sage is called by this name because it is real­ly intend­ed to pen­e­trate deep­er into the under­ly­ing mus­cle lay­ers. The mas­sage is meant to care­ful­ly ease out all those strained mus­cles below the sur­face.

As well, many of the prin­ci­ples used for the deep tis­sue mas­sage are also present in the Swedish mas­sage, but the deep tis­sue mas­sage is rather more force­ful in nature. More­over, this form of mas­sage focus­es on prob­lem areas ‘“this means that it tar­gets the stiff mus­cle regions that are over­ly stressed, rather than work­ing per­ma­nent­ly on the back and neck areas. How­ev­er, no mat­ter how nat­u­ral­ly intense this mas­sage can be, it will not hurt as much as what many peo­ple have come to believe. It may be the dis­turb­ing depth at which the ther­a­pist reach­es under the lay­ers with­in the body and the sore­ness after­wards that may turn some away. How­ev­er don’t ignore this type of mas­sage. Because the fact that it is very effec­tive and has longer last­ing results is ide­al for some.
1. The Swedish mas­sage is a gen­tler and soft­er mas­sage com­pared to the more intense and force­ful deep tis­sue mas­sage.
2. The Swedish mas­sage is best for those who have very sen­si­tive skin types, that bear rash­es eas­i­ly, most espe­cial­ly when pow­er­ful fric­tion and rub­bing is applied.
3. The Swedish mas­sage is the mas­sage of choice for those who are look­ing to relieve nor­mal­ly stressed from work or home issues. But if you are not up for a Deep Tis­sue. Just ask for heavy pres­sure.
4. The deep tis­sue mas­sage is for those who are in chron­ic pain, were involved in many stren­u­ous activ­i­ties, or who are con­tin­u­al­ly trou­bled by pre­vi­ous injuries. This tech­nique is very effec­tive and has longer last­ing results. It can be dis­turbing­ly deep and may leave you sore for a few days after. I myself get a Deep Tis­sue every six months. I per­son­al­ly find it very renew­ing to get bro­ken down thor­ough­ly.