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~Erotic Swedish (i)

In-call (?)
60min ~ $120
90min ~ $150
Out-call (?)
60min ~ $150
90min ~ $180

 ~Clinical Swedish (i)

In-call (?)
60min ~ $80
90min ~ $120
Out-call (?)
60min ~ $110
90min ~ $150

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  • Hours Of Operations:10am to 10pm (i)
  • Location: Clairemont Area (i)
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Getting Ready for an Erotic Massage

Prepare for an Erotic Gay Nude Male Massage, San Diego, CAMake sure to get thoroughly cleaned up for your erotic massage session. A sensual massage usually means the therapist’s hands are not going to be limited unless you let them know ahead of time where NOT to go. If you are on the go and the massage therapists accommodations includes the use of a shower. It is a safe bet you can ready yourself there before the session and a shower after is a given if you do not opt to leave the lotion on. If a therapist offers the shower facilities there is a good chance they will have some general hygiene products at your disposal like; douches, deodorants, toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, ect.

Here is a checklist for cleaning;

  1. Douche: If you’re expecting to get a prostate massage or open to the idea but, not sure what to expect. Do the safe thing “be ready”.
  2. Shower: Don’t forget to wash inside your anus sphincters and inner gluteus maximus cheeks, tant, balls and penis or vagina and pubic region. Not all but a few males also secrete there pheromones in there anal and tant region. If you’re the type who is on the pungent side, there is no rule saying you can’t use your deodorant there too.
  3. Toes: Make sure to clean in-between your toes and clip your toenails if you’re getting a foot massage or not sure. The therapist is basically programmed to sanitize after your foot massage.
  4. Breath: Brush your teeth and tongue just in case your massage therapist is willing to kiss you.
  5. Fingers: If you’re a male and mutual touch is permitted then clip your fingernails so you don’t scratch your therapist in any sensitive spots. Girls please be careful if you’re sporting those non-beveled claws.
  6. Ears: One of the biggest sensual buttons is your ears. Depending on how oral your therapist is, your ears my get some serious attention.
  7. Arm Pits: If your body odor is on the pungent side, it is advisable to wear your deodorant. Deodorant doesn’t interfere with most oils and creams.

Some therapists will incorporate a hot towel routine to start. This is usually a very enjoyable experience. It is a way to get you relaxed very fast as well as insuring you have a clean backside. Yes your getting your butt wiped. (lol) Don’t be embarrass the clean therapists just doesn’t like that kind of surprise and very use to the idea that some guys just aren’t that thorough.

If you have the flu or cold don’t call a massage therapist. A massage will most likely make you feel worse. Your body is all ready using all its reserve nutrients and energy for your immune system to combat your illness. Purging your system of broken free fat, tissue and toxins would add more strain already taking place in your body. Massage therapist cannot make money if they are out sick. Before making their clients sick a massage therapist will just not take clients.


Gay Male Escort Have a Great Experience

M4M Gay Male Escort, San DiegoThe word Male Escort today means 99% of the time means: A sexual professional who knows how to read you and provide you with your sexual needs. Because he does it often he is considered a pro. Usually he’s good looking or charismatic and makes you feel good when your together.

You may find yourself on those NSA social sites looking through the other men like products on a shelf and for some reason or another you want the built good looking guy. But then those self defeating issues overcome you. What if he’s a total snob and rejects me. What if he looks good but doesn’t know the first thing about sex. These things just don’t happen with an experienced escort.

When looking for your escort. Notice the site your on. This is usually the first indicator of whether your going to be dealing with a sexual pro. or a so called “legit escort”. The second indicator is hourly rate. A Sexual Escort will quote 240 donation and up per hr. A non-sexual, event companion or guide escort will start between $100 and $130. Pictures are also a tell. Ask yourself; is he showing off his cock, body or is all the pictures of him fully clothed. The best advise I can give when choosing between your preferred Sexual Escorts is to. Read his Ad. and presume to read between the lines. Also Read his reviews. Males love their sexual double speak. You will be able to see the meaning between the lines if you are sexually active. Look for fake reviews. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s a possibility. Today most are internet savvy and can tell. But if you need a guidance on the tells heres a short video.

Unfortunately in most backward societies. Like the USA. Dogmas have pushed it’s ideals on society. Most often in spite of our human nature. For example laws are put forth for one reason but always encompass many perfectly victim-less circumstances. Witch really aren’t illegal at all. But intentionally laws are not just written for only the victims. Take prostitution for example. Under the guise of protecting under age minors from abusive pedophilia or slavery. Witch I am all for BTW. Laws are written with broad encompassing terms to ensure it could mean as many situations as possible. Why? To keep those unconstitutional, illegal private prisons full. This process itself should be illegal. Why? Because it does create victims of these police state laws. The point being, whatever state you are in, in the USA. Just don’t equate any type of established currency to a sexual act. Code terms like roses, donation, tribute are just that. One unit of these code terms equals one unit of currency. If you are in the USA it is US Dollars and so on. So to be clear 120 roses = $120. 😉

Just like the term Conspiracy Theorists once a credible term weponized by the CIA is restoring itself back to it’s honorable term meaning a analytical thinker. Given the fact that so many conspiracies have turned out to be true or closest to the truth in recent history. The word prostitution is also regaining its real meaning untethered to social judgment. It is just a convenience for the busy man or woman that is in line to our nature. The modern male or female if they are not effected by Dogma brainwashing is OK with his true human nature.

The act for a man to take cock up the ass and massage his prostates has been proven to be apart of our nature and many other species for that matter. So don’t be surprised when it feels so pleasurable. Another lie out there is that this act causes prostate cancer. We now know that condition lies mostly with the nitrates and sulfates in our food (namely processed dried meats, and most wines). Our sexual needs do not define us. But we realizes we have these sexual needs and we address them, as adults should. Not doing so will progress to an unhealthy mental state.

In today’s USA we are slaving away to stay out of debt or TRY to get ahead. And when you look how locked down and rigged our society and monitory system is. From an overview we are realizing we are all slaves to it. But prostitution is alive and well for many reason I’m not going to go into. But the main one, supply and demand of stress relief, and human touch. It’s nice to know you can find someone who knows how to make love to you, hold you, and talk in real male terms that validate our true Male Human Nature. Whether we like it hard and rough or slow soft and affectionate. Good Male Escorts are in demand because they can accommodate a wide spectrum of needs.

If you are the kind of guy who wants to ease into a situation. Then I suggest a Masseur / Escort. With a Masseur Escort you will most likely be given a Massage rate. But if sex is something you want after meeting him. Then the escort rate is usually double the 60 minute / hourly rate. If your not sure and want the escort option. Ask him how many more roses / donation / tribute will is advised. Masseurs usually work with routines. When it comes to the time an encounter usually happens you may be given the option. Just don’t equate any legal established currency to a sexual act at least in the USA.

Not all men are cut out to be Escorts. But the ones who are, usually are very seductive. So if it is your fantasy to be a bottom. Be ready for such an encounter. Good sex is sex prepared for. Bottoms should clean 30 min before their encounter. Tops should bring protection.

Bare backing has become an issue. STD’s are on the rise because of: Prep. However you should be very aware Prep does not keep you safe from the Others. Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Hepatitis. Although these things can be cured with prompt treatment. The symptoms and abstinence is a damper of fun for a bit. Best to be safe. Put that raincoat on or the bottom should reach back and grab the base of that cock and confirm the lip is there. ;D


The Gay Masseur

Gay Nude Tantric Massage, San Diego, CAEven though there are some people who are uncomfortable with receiving a rubdown from a gay massage therapist, it is easy to understand why so many people are completely relaxed with it. In fact, there are plenty of men (gay or straight) who prefer going to a male masseur, whether the masseur is straight or not. Many men seem to worry that they might become sexually aroused during a session that is supposed to be physically beneficial if they receive one from a woman, and they don t want to deal with an embarrassing unwanted erection. It is for this reason that many men prefer to go to a professional fellow man.
Now, some straight men may be uncomfortable going to a gay massage therapist, but at the same token many gay men may be uncomfortable getting a massage from a straight masseur. Many gay men turn to the masseurs that are also homosexual, but they can be difficult to find since many massage parlors do not want to deter either straight or homosexual clients by catering to one or the other.

However, the benefits are worth doing a little detective work to find a place that they are comfortable with. For those who are straight, they can enjoy a rubdown without the stress of worrying about sexual contact. It is thought that when a straight man can get a good massage from another man it reduces feelings of insecurity and it can also increase self esteem. There seems to be some psychological benefits to a good physical rubdown!

Going to a gay massage therapist has its benefits to a gay man too, because the element or fear of feeling ostracized or out of place disappears. The entire point of a massage is to completely relax, but this is very hard to do when you don t feel like you fit in with the rest of the clientele at a place or even with the staff, for that matter. Knowing that you have nothing to fear with your specific masseur can really alleviate anxiety.

It is recommended that every man, no matter what his sexual orientation is, be able to experience the satisfaction of receiving a therapeutic rubdown from a straight or gay massage therapist in a non judgmental and socially positive atmosphere. Whether that means having a gay or straight man giving the massage, the choice should be up to the client. Thankfully these days there are many excellent resources on the Internet for finding a masseuse in your area that will be able to cater to any and all of your needs with many different types of therapies and techniques, whether you choose a straight or a gay massage therapist.